This privacy statement covers all Cyberweb Solutions’ sites, hereby referred to as CWS.

    • Who is collecting information from me?

Cyberweb Solutions, LLC based in Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America. To contact CWS click here.

  • What personal information will CWS collect from me?

    If you are simply visiting a CWS site we will only collect what is logged by our web server. This include webpages you visit, your IP, what site you were visiting before coming to a CWS site, etc. This is standard information collected by almost all websites and web servers. If you attempt to bypass or hack our security protocols our systems will collect additional information about you.If you signup for one of our many lists we will only collect your name and e-mail address, in addition to the information above.If you purchase any product or service from CWS you will be required to provide us with your name, mailing address, e-mail address, contact number and credit card information. Other payment options may be available, depending on the product/service, and, if used, may not require any credit card information at all. However we will still require your name, mailing address, e-mail address and a contact number. This is standard information collected when purchasing a service or product.

  • How will CWS use the information I provide?

    This depends on the information provided to us. If you simply visit our site(s) we will use the information gathered by our logs to determine the following: (much as possible):

    • Where our traffic is coming from and what site was the visitor viewing prior to ours?
    • What parts of our site(s) is/are popular and where are people visiting?
    • What keywords are being used, in search engines, to find our sites?
    • Where visitors are going once they leave our site(s)?
    • Why are people leaving our sites? (If possible)
    • Other traffic related questions

    These are standard questions all internet companies ask when reviewing their logs. Your information will be used along with all other visitors, to our sites, to determine our traffic patterns.

    Information collected during attempted security breaches may be used to locate the violator and if necessary turned over to law enforcement officials for prosecution. In addition, we may use such information for our own lawsuits against violators and/or to protect ourselves from lawsuits.

  • What about information I enter/upload when using CWS services?

    We do reserve the right to review any material at any time, on our systems, to ensure a visitor is not violating any laws or terms of services. CWS does reserve the right to remove anything from our systems at any time with or without notice. Please review our Terms of Service (TOS).

  • Who else will have access to the information collected by CWS?

    Individuals within CWS and consultants for CWS have access to different levels of information. Only high level officials, server administrators and database administrators have board access, which is unavoidable due to the nature of their jobs. In all cases they understand the level of sensitivity and are fully aware of punishment for abusing such privileges.The information collected will NOT be sold or revealed to third parties, unless ordered by a court of law with legal jurisdiction over such information. However, at times, we may use generic information for marketing or other purposes. An example of this generic information would be informing a partner we had 50,000 unique hits last month. We would not reveal any specific visitor information but collective sums. Nor would any third party be allowed to browse our records.

  • Is it possible to choose which information is collected, how is used and who will see it?

    Our visitors do have some control over what information will be collected. This includes personal names, addresses, credit card numbers, usernames and passwords. However certain information is automatically collected such as IP address, web browser and OS, screen resolution, screen color, time of visit, where user is visiting from and where visitor goes after visiting our sites.A visitor can control how certain information is used like addresses, credit cards, usernames and passwords. CWS does not pass out usernames, passwords, addresses or credit card information. It is however up to the visitor to protect his/her username and password. If a visitor provides his/her login information to an unresponsible party and that party causes damage or does harm with the information in the visitor’s account CWS can not be held accountable.The only parties who will see the visitor’s information are authorized personal of CWS, the visitor and any one else the visitor grants access to his/her account(s). CWS believes in protecting our visitors’ trust and privacy.

  • How is sensitive information like credit card numbers and addresses protected?

    CWS protects credit card information by first collecting the information using SSL technology. We encourage visitors to only submit their personal sensitive information only after they have verified their browser is in SSL encryption mode. Remember when viewing a protected URL you should see https:// instead of http:// (Note the S). We also invite visitors to review our SSL certificate status to verify CWS is conforming to industry standards and doing our part to protect them.CWS deploys hardware firewall systems to greatly increase security and runs regular security scans. When sensitive information is transferred either SSL/TLS or SSH2 technology is used to guard against prying eyes. CWS also rotates highly sensitive passwords on a regular basis and takes reasonable steps to insure your data is secure.

  • How can a visitor update his/her information?

    If a visitor signups for a service such as an email announcement list then information will be provided on how to update said information, as this varies depending on the system in question.

  • Can a visitor remove his/her information from CWS systems?

    If a visitor signups for a service then information details will be provided on how to remove or close the account, as this varies depending on the system in question.CWS does keep past invoices and payment data for our records and protection against fraud and lawsuits.In the event CWS offers our visitors deals, specials or promotions with third parties and visitor accepts such an offer then wants to terminate service with the third party it is up to the visitor to contact and work with such party.

  • External Vendors

    We do deploy some third party services that collect their own visitor information. These mainly include two types of services which are bookmarking/sharing and analytics. Those systems are governed by their own privacy policies. However they do NOT have access to CWS’s servers.We deploy Google ads on some of our sites which will place Google’s DART cookie onto your computer. Google, is a third party vendor, and uses this DART cookie to serve targeted ads that you may find of interest. If you do not wish to have this cookie placed on your computer you may opt out by clicking here.

  • Questions? Please visit our contact us page.