Cover Your Ass(ets)

Welcome to the official page for the “Cover Your Ass(ets)” (CYA) BASH tool.

What does this tool do?

This open source and freely available tool is written to run in the BASH shell and allows for easy backing up of the core Linux (any distro) and Unix system (FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Solaris, etc).  This backup tool is completely filesystem agnostic and works on but not limited to EXT2/3/4, UFS, XFS, ZFS, BtrFS, etc using well known and vetted *nix commands.

You are able to easily automate and keep backups of the system itself which offer great protection from:

• Installing software – no longer be concerned about testing out software and wondering if all parts were removed.  Rollback to completely remove any system changes.
• Botched upgrades – stop holding your breath when applying updates.  Rollback if something doesn’t upgrade correctly, including when your system totally won’t boot.  No need to worry about a botched video driver.
• Configuration changes – gone are the days of wondering if a system configuration change will cause undesired operations.  Rollback and undo them.
• Intruder alterations – prevent unauthorized system changes from remaining and quit wondering if something is spying on you.  Rollback and totally undo any major damage.  It should be noted some data could remain that was placed outside system directories.  However all commands and files that would load unwanted programs should be defeated.
• Additional coverage – you may be using ZFS, BtrFS, or another filesystem with snapshots.  Still this tool can serve a purpose especially if you failed to setup your filesystem correctly.  You are able to rollback just the OS files.  Also you may combine the backups/snapshots from this tool with snapshots from say ZFS further enhancing your protection.

Version 2.0 introduced the ability to backup personal data using the mydata command!

A slight learning curve (maybe). However, after installing Budgie-desktop on Mint, the Budgie-desktop stopped displaying the menu. Apparently Budgie did not play well with Mint 18.2 XFCE. So I booted up with a live CD and ran the script which worked perfectly. I write this now on my “restored” system thanks to CYA. Thanks Joe” – Richard Monroe

What are the requirements of CYA?

This tool requires the following, which it will check for:

  • BASH shell; obviously
  • sudo
  • curl – to check for updates and software
  • That’s all other than standard commands like rsync, ls, mkdir, etc

How do I download and install CYA?

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How do I use CYA?

This tool is fairly straight forward once you have acquired basic knowledge.

Youtube Video Manual (Cyberweb Solutions YT)

EzeeLinux – Mr. Desktop & Mr. Server Episode 8 | CYA!


Please see the Github Project Page

Other Notes

* CYA was developed on Ubuntu MATE.