Terms Of Sale

Cyberweb Solutions, LLC web properties (websites) offering for pay products and services are subject to the following terms and conditions. It is the responsibility of our clients to read and understand this document before purchasing. By making a purchase through our systems means acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Last update: 28-March-2018

Product Policies

The following products/services are covered by a 30 day money back refund:

  • DVDs
  • Memberships/ongoing services – first 30 days from signup (after 30 days no refunds on cancellations)
    • This excludes ongoing consulting services that require human action

See “Return Instructions” section.

The following products/services offer no (zero) money back refund:

  • Downloadable material (ebooks, patterns, scripts, etc) and recordings
  • Memberships after 30 days
  • Consulting services

Order Fulfillment:

We are often able to fulfill an order within 48 business hours (two business days). We work hard at balancing orders with available product on hand but at times due to specials, runs on products, etc we may run low or out. Therefore please allow up to four (4) weeks for delivery which allows for the creation of additional product quantities. International customers should note custom agencies can also cause additional delays which is beyond our control.

Return Instructions:

While we are usually much faster please allow for two to three weeks to process your request once received by our company.

Non Shipped Items:

If returned item was not mailed simply send an email to our order department. If no response is received within three business days please let us know as email can be unreliable. For additional contact information click here.

Shipped Items:

To return a purchase, or part of a purchase, that was mailed please mail the product(s) to our mailing address along with a note stating the refund request. It does assist us if an explanation is provided to help improve future customer experiences.

Refund Payments:

Full and partial refunds are issued using several methods depending on method of payment of purchase. For credit cards a refund to the card is issued, which may take up to ten business days to appear in account. For Paypal a refund is sent through the Paypal system. All other method of payments such as checks, money orders, unusual credit card circumstances and any other unforeseen circumstances will result in either a company check or money order. Please allow two to three weeks (longer for international destinations).

Cancelled Orders:

Once an order has been placed and payment received it will be fulfilled and shipped to the client. Therefore any client wishing to cancel their purchase will need to wait for delivery of order and then follow the return terms as intercepting the shipment before delivery is almost impossible.


Any product that contains a manufacturing defect or receives damage caused by a shipping carrier is covered under our 30 day exchange policy for same title. To receive an exchange mail the damaged product to our mailing address along with a note stating an exchange is requested. Once the damage has been confirmed a replacement copy will be mailed. We do sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and realize its frustrating. Please allow two to three weeks (longer for international destinations).

If a product has been discontinued and no title is available for exchange client will be notified with a suggestion of another product or provided with the option for a refund.

Noncompliant Payments (Unreasonable chargebacks, bad checks, etc):

Clients have the right to refunds as stated in this document. However clients abusing the chargeback system or failing to meet the responsibility of payment for a legitimate transaction will result in account being turned over to a collection agency. This may result in the outstanding financial obligation being reported to the credit bureaus and thus effecting future credit driven events. Since fair return policies are offered it is expected clients fulfill their duty of payment for products and services ordered through our systems and allow for reasonable responses by our company to issues that may occur.

Clients committing fraud using our systems will be reported to the proper law enforcement authorities.  Also we will fully cooperate with any government bodies to aid in the prosecution of such fraud.

Earnings Disclaimer:

No one can guarantee absolute success in any business. We design our information to give our clients the best possible chance but there are many factors outside of our control. Therefore we can’t guarantee any specific results and all income statistics mentioned on our websites should be taken as income possibilities but not absolutes or guarantees. More details

Our Products On eBay:

Unfortunately several individuals have not been honest, thus creating problems for eBay bidders who have contacted us to correct the situation. Therefore to help prevent problems from occurring and provide a better client experience we do not allow the reselling of our products through the eBay system by deploying an active daily monitoring service. We do apologize for any inconveniences and appreciate cooperation in this matter.