Terms Of Service

Preamble :: Our Policies

By visiting our web properties (websites) along with purchasing our services and products you agree to the terms in this document. Also you agree to the additional policies in the following documents and if not you must leave immediately.

Last update: 28-March-2018

Section One :: Introduction

This Terms Of Service (TOS) applies to all visitors of Cyberweb Solutions, LLC (hereby referred to as, CWS), and is intended to provide a general understanding of policies governing the use of CWS websites, forums, affiliate programs and any other services provided by CWS (hereby referred to as, Services). This document is to help protect CWS Services, visitors and the Internet community from irresponsible and/or illegal activities. CWS expects all visitors to utilize common sense and good judgment for their activities on the Internet.

Information available on systems maintained by CWS are the property of CWS, its information providers and/or visitors. CWS does not accept any responsibility for the content of the materials and information published by others which are accessible through CWS Services and nor does CWS accept responsibility for the violation of any laws resulting from such publication.

All visitors using CWS Services are expected to abide by the laws of the state and country in which they reside, including all copyright laws and regulations, tariff regulations, export controls, treaties and international law.

The use of any CWS Service constitutes the visitor’s acceptance and agreement to abide by all of the rules, regulations and policies of CWS, including this TOS. The visitor should also note such policies may be modified by CWS at any time both with and without notice. Any visitor that feels he/she can not agree to any and all terms should not utilize any Services offered by CWS. In all cases the visitor uses CWS services at his/her own risk.

Section Two :: The Policies

  1. Allowing access/use of your account(s) by others is done so at your own risk and is highly discouraged.
  2. You may not resale (except where outlined in CWS affiliate and partner programs), trade or transfer any account without express written consent from CWS.
  3. Any attempt to obtain access beyond what a visitor is authorized will be grounds for immediate termination of visitor’s account(s) and possible prosecution.
  4. Any attempt to defeat identification procedures, gain passwords or encryption codes, penetrate security measures, circumvent user authentication or using the CWS network to gain unlawful or unauthorized entry to another machine on the Internet; use of a CWS account to or attempt to alter or destroy data belonging to CWS or another user on any computer network; and/or use of CWS systems as a staging ground to attack other systems will result in immediate termination of visitor’s account(s) and possible prosecution.
  5. The transmission, redistribution, reproduction or commercial exploitation of information available on CWS Services without the permission of its owner and/or violation of applicable copyright laws or patents will be grounds for immediate termination of visitor’s account(s) and possible prosecution.
  6. Abusing or inappropriate use of any CWS Services, including any behavior which disrupts the normal use of the system or Internet services of others, inhibits any user from accessing the Internet, interferes with the proper operation of CWS Services or impairs the availability, reliability or quality of CWS Services for other visitors is prohibited and open to possible prosecution.
  7. CWS reserves the right to remove any material from any Services under its control without notice, if any visitor is participating in any of the following activities:
    1. encouraging a violation of any applicable law or regulation, including but not limited to the sale of illegal goods or the violation of export controls or obscenity laws;
    2. infringing the rights of any third party, including but not limited to the intellectual property, business, contractual or fiduciary rights of others;
    3. involving the display, sale, distribution or creation of any adult content, obscene or otherwise offensive goods, services, materials or ideas or promote violence or discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age;
    4. making fraudulent offers of items, products, or services originating from a visitor’s account;
    5. using non-authorized relays through any third party systems;
    6. flooding or over burdening recipient computer systems by sending a high volume of spurious data which impedes functionality or disables the recipient system, or any other methods of denial of service of another;
    7. storing or distributing using CWS Services illegally-acquired information, programs containing malicious code, including viruses, trojans or worms or tools to compromise the security of other web properties and/or computing systems and networks;
    8. using programs such as packet sniffers, host and/or service monitoring or other similar programs;
    9. engaging in any of the above activities using the service of another provider but channeling such activities through a CWS account or re-mailer or using a CWS account as a mail drop for responses;
    10. any other activity deemed inappropriate by CWS;
  8. CWS reserves the right (with or without notice) to modify, alter, add or in any way change these policies based on any action(s) of our visitors.

Section Three :: Privacy And Security

CWS deploys industry grade security to protect our visitors information where humanly possible. These measures include, but aren’t limited to: maintaining firewalls, using encryption and tokens to protect credit cards, deploying high strength SSL certificates and keys, utilizing SSH keys, isolating risk-prone software outside sensitive systems, as well as adopting other industry accepted measures.

CWS makes a good faith effort to protect visitors, however nothing is foolproof and visitors are encouraged to verify that sensitive information is accessed by using SSL (now TLS) technology. In addition CWS encourages all visitors to keep username and password information to themselves plus deploy security software on their systems to help fend off malicious programs.

Also CWS does not share user specific information with outside sources, unless directed by a court of law with governing powers or in response to illegal activity. Please review the privacy policy for in depth details.

Section Four :: Email

Some CWS Services use double opt-in permission based lists to send interested parties ongoing emails with the ability to unsubscribe at anytime using unsubscribe information contained in those messages. Any individual that feels email is still arriving at his/her address in direct violation of his/her wishes should contact us immediately.

The following activities are specifically prohibited by CWS in connection with the use of email while using and/or promoting Services:

  1. distributing malicious software which contributes to or assists in mail-bombing or spamming;
  2. sending unsolicited, junk or chain letter email for the purpose of advertising or soliciting; or using CWS email addresses to collect responses from unsolicited email;
  3. attempting to impersonate any person, using forged email or other identifying information;
  4. installing auto-responders, cancel-bots or similar automated or manual routines; which generate excessive amounts of network traffic;
  5. due to the creative nature of irresponsible persons this list does not claim to be complete and failure to list a specific action does not remove or limit any rights of CWS to govern such activity;

Section Five :: The Visitor’s (Your) Responsibilities

  1. All CWS visitors who publish materials and information which are accessible through Services are solely responsible for the content of such materials and information and are solely responsible for compliance with all laws applicable to the publication of such materials and information. Visitors must accept responsibility for the publication of any defamatory, adult content, confidential, secret or proprietary material.
  2. Visitors are responsible for charges incurred by others to whom their username and password has been freely given, as well as charges incurred by unauthorized access prior to notifying CWS.
  3. Visitors of CWS are responsible for any overcharges from but not limited to: webhosting including webspace and bandwidth, ISP including online service charges, long distance, cell phone charges when calling from or to and any other external fees. In addition visitors may be charged overage fees as specified by CWS Services.
  4. Customers of CWS visitors that use CWS Services are bound by the restrictions included in this TOS.

Section Six :: CWS Actions for Violations

  1. CWS is under no obligation to monitor the content of its Services or its visitors for violations of this TOS and failure to do so does not reduce or limit any rights of CWS. The activities set forth above may cause notifications requiring CWS to take action. Visitors should be aware, however, that normal use of Services should not set off such alarms.
  2. The use of CWS Services in an illegal manner is grounds for immediate termination of access to Services. Visitors should be aware that CWS views such activities very seriously and may disclose prohibited activities to law enforcement agencies, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, with whom CWS will fully assist within the definition of applicable laws. CWS will cooperate with appropriate law enforcement agencies involved in investigating instances that have been reported to such authorities by visitors or persons who believe they are being subjected to unlawful harassment.
  3. CWS reserves the right to conduct its own investigation of suspected violations of this TOS.
  4. In addition to the actions described herein, CWS may take one or more of the following specific actions:
    1. log instances of abuse for evidence;
    2. disable and/or cancel the visitor account(s) (violation of this TOS is a material breach of the Services Agreement and may be grounds for termination by CWS);
    3. delete, alter, and/or modify some or all of data entered by visitor on CWS Services and/or provide limited access to aforementioned Services;
    4. in the event that access to CWS Services are temporarily deactivated as a result of any prohibited activities there may be reactivation charges and/or deposit requirements to restore access to CWS Services as determined by CWS;
    5. visitors understand and acknowledge that CWS has the right to terminate access for any reason that CWS interprets as abuses of CWS Services and visitors will be liable for any and all costs incurred by CWS as result of such abuses;
    6. CWS may deploy technology, such as but not limited to firewalls, to block access to Services;
    7. CWS will review alleged violations of this TOS on a case-by-case basis. Violations which are not promptly remedied may result in disciplinary action, including referral to appropriate authorities for criminal prosecution and possible civil legal action. All decisions made by CWS are final. Also CWS does not assume any liability to any visitors for its failure to enforce this TOS;
    8. nothing herein is to be construed to limit remedies in any way, to recover costs, identify and remove offenders, levy cancellation charges or pursue any other remedies at law or in equity by CWS.  To be very clear CWS is in no way waving any rights for enforcement and actions deemed necessary to stop abuse of Services offered by CWS. It is hereby declared CWS is maintaining full rights over CWS Services.

Section Seven :: Refund and Money Back Guarantee

  1. Please see the refund and sale policies by reviewing the Terms of Sale.

Section Eight :: When And How To Contact CWS

  1. Visitors, upon discovering, must immediately notify CWS of any unauthorized usage of their account(s), of any breach or attempted breach of security, and/or of any belief an account under their control has been compromised or of any other violations of this TOS.
  2. If you have any questions, please contact CWS by visiting the contact us page.