Cleverwise Plugins

This section covers the Cleverwise WordPress Plugins (CWP). All active plugins are available for immediate download and use in the official WordPress plugin repository.


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Expert Services:

For hire professional WordPress services are offered which includes custom WordPress and PHP coding, database, and server administration.

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Active WordPress Directory Plugins:

  1. Cleverwise Cloaked Files – Easily cloak (hide) file downloads on your site so that secret codes are required to see/get them.
  2. Cleverwise Contact Page – Creates a professional contact page including web form (unlimited subjects & departments), emails, phones, faxes, hours, addresses.
  3. Cleverwise Daily Quotes – Adds daily quotes (tips, snippets, etc) sections with the ability to choose the categories. Plus total control of themes and layouts.
  4. Cleverwise FatSecret Basic – This system easily integrates the FatSecret Platform JavaScript API into your WordPress powered site.
  5. Cleverwise phpBB Statistics – Displays key phpBB statistics from up to three boards on your WordPress site with total control over layout and what is displayed.
  6. Cleverwise Redirect It – Allows you to easily handle redirects to an unlimited number of offsite and onsite links. Also changing a destination link is fast and easy.
  7. Cleverwise Share Files – Advanced file download system that allows multiple sections, categories, and download pages, plus advanced access control and anti-bot technology.