Protect Disks

Welcome to the official page for the “Protect Disks” (pdisks) BASH tool.

What does this tool do?

DD in the *nix world is a VERY powerful yet VERY destructive command.

Many find the benefit of using DD to perform a variety of tasks like writing out an ISO image to an USB stick, copying one partition/drive to another partition/drive, creating an image from a partition/drive, etc. However with this great power comes the ability, by easily not paying attention, of destroying valuable data.

There are many stories on the Internet of people, perhaps you are one, with a simple mistype overwriting the root, home, block storage, etc partition/drive. This mistake is far to easy to make because DD offers zero safe guards. It doesn’t ask for verification but rather simply does what it is told.

It is time to fix this oversight with this extremely easy to use BASH utility called pdisks. Once deployed you use pdisks in place of the DD command. Yes it fully supports all DD commands and flags.

However pdisks verifies you haven’t entered a system partition/drive thus preventing accidental overwrites by DD, at least to your core system (valuable removable storage could still be destroyed – read on).

What are the requirements of pdisks?

This tool requires the following:

  • BASH shell; obviously
  • sudo
  • curl – to check for updates and software
  • That’s all other than standard commands like dd (obviously)

How do I download and install pdisks?

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Please see the Github Project Page

Other Notes

* pdisks was developed on Ubuntu MATE.